Heart & Soul

At Creative Touch Party Design, our philosophy has always been based on the belief that “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra,”  something simple, yet often lacking in the wedding industry.  As a result of our approach, the Creative Touch team has always been held in high esteem by our colleagues and continues to set the standard for others.

Creative Touch Party Design has developed relationships with a vast network of talented vendors that is based on their quality of work, personality, styling, and most importantly, mutual respect.  No staff member at Creative Touch has ever taken a referral fee from any vendor.  We have always felt that a planner is the person a Bride and Groom should trust to work on their behalf for the most special day of their lives,  not a person who may or may not be taking financial reimbursement for referring services.  Our team members are guests in your lives, sometimes becoming like family; something we treasure!

Creative Touch Parties - Janine Stone PhotographyAttention to detail is unparalleled at Creative Touch Party Design. We strive to find what is relevant to the Bride and Groom themselves, including a favorite color, flavor, keepsake item, and most of all the emotions behind the inspirations. Then we incorporate these details to define a couple’s wedding style. The taste of a favorite family meal, the texture of wallpaper in a home, the location of a first date, or the smell of a candle all may seem insignificant to the wedding planning process, however, when woven together, these inspirations tell a deeper story as to who the bride and groom are – together.

Creative Touch Parties - Roy Llera PhotographyAt the heart and soul of Creative Touch Party Design is a love of all things wedding.  Yes, we like wedding stuff on facebook, and pin great pictures of wedding images, however, it is truly being able to design and execute the personality of a wedding day that speaks to our team the most. Creative Touch has worked tirelessly to strip away the typical “categories” of weddings and instead looks at the couples own distinctive style.  At Creative Touch, we are aware of the usual types – traditional, contemporary, modern, or out of the box, but instead our team focuses on each wedding as individually as the bride and groom.  We savor when a Modern Bride focuses on a more traditional element such as lace; we get excited when a Conservative Bride steps out of her comfort zone and falls in love with a bold color; we are truly giddy when the Unique Bride selects movie characters to introduce her into the reception.  That is what makes a wedding memorable.

…now let’s get creating!